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How to Accent Your Patio with a Custom Pergola

Finding the perfect outdoor piece to complete your backyard oasis can be difficult. If you are looking to add that extra bit of charm or new design element to your backyard or patio, a pergola could be the answer. Pergolas are a bit more decadent than a simple arbor, though still considered to be less ostentatious than the stately gazebo.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a beautiful piece of architecture that can be customized to fit your landscape’s aesthetic and grant you some much needed shade from the harsh glare of the summer sun. Typically, a pergola built for a home will stand on four, vertical pillars that support multiple cross beams or a canopy to create a shaded area. Often, homeowners will nourish a network of climbing plants around the base of the structure to create a beautiful, green and natural look.

By creating shade in otherwise shade-less spots, your backyard will have expanded opportunities for outdoor entertainment. You may consider a lovely outdoor dining area or lounge space beneath the pergola’s arches. Some people even use pergolas to protect their gardens from harsh sun or to create a shaded walkway between buildings.

For further interest, a custom pergola design can incorporate architectural influences from around the world. You can craft a pergola with Greek columns formed of stone or concrete, then plant some vines to spiral up around them.  Another option is draw influence from the coast of California with a more classic vineyard-styled pergola. With stunning, stained wood intertwined with grapevines, your only worry will be how to grow a decent wine grape in the heavily clay-based soil of Virginia!

With many different styles of pergola to choose from, Deck Creations can help incorporate your vision and inspiration into a design that meets the needs and demands of your backyard and lifestyle.


There are several options from which to choose for the material of your pergola.  Crafting your pergola from wood will give your outdoor space a natural, elegant look and feel that can help increase your overall property value. Wooden pergolas can be an economical option that will still make an impressive impact in your backyard or garden. While there are many different DIY wooden pergola kits sold online, to create a truly custom environment and ensure overall quality of the structure, we recommend consulting with a pergola specialist about the design.

Further, find a pergola construction team that can meet your budget and timeline – especially if you want it built in time for the summer! If you’re in the Richmond area, give Deck Creations a call to see how we can help. This will give you the ease of mind that the structure is beautiful, sturdy and functional. We can also guarantee that the wood is protected with proper staining to provide it longevity, so your wooden, custom pergola can stand as a wonderful addition to your backyard no matter the season.


If you are looking for a sturdy, weather-proof pergola, look no further than steel. Steel pergolas are designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements like UV rays from the sun. The solid structure provided by steel constructions allows for the easy placement of sheets, curtains, and other linens while ensuring that those accoutrements do not fly away with the first gust of wind. These pergolas are well-suited for sheltering gardens from the elements and can be easily wrapped with vines to achieve a more organic aesthetic-pleasing feel.


If price is a concern, aluminum structures provide a cost-effective solution that are pleasing to the eye and remain highly functional. Aluminum is also desirable when it comes to maintenance; unlike wood, aluminum will not rot without the proper care, and aluminum is far less likely to rust than steel. This type of pergola is perfect for those looking to build a structure that attaches to the house and provides proper patio shade at a reduced price.

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Contact the Pergola Experts at Deck Creations

When it comes to crafting your ideal garden or patio space, a pergola can be a wonderful addition, both to the aesthetic of your backyard and to the property value of your residence. If you are looking to add a pergola to your yard, contact our pergola experts here at Deck Creations for an estimate and let us help you design your ultimate outdoor experience.

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