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Creating a beautiful backyard space often includes a deck. When entertaining family and friends, a custom deck designed for your backyard offers tremendous versatility. If you are looking to renovate an existing deck or construct a new one, we proudly serve Richmond, Charlottesville, and Williamsburg.

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor living space with Deck Creations, the leading outdoor construction specialists. Our dedicated team excels in crafting bespoke decks that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and durability.

Explore the possibilities as we take you on a journey of deck design and construction excellence.

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Where to Begin

Our team can help you evaluate your options in detail, but when looking to have a new deck installed, here are a few questions that should be considered:

  • How do you envision using the deck?

  • Do you prefer real wood or composite decking?

  • Is the overall design primarily functional or part of a grand backyard activity area?

  • What is the price point when project ROI becomes diminished?

  • What aspects to my home, yard, or neighborhood should be considered in the deck design and layout?

During our first meeting, our experienced team members help you settle on the best design and select the products which offer optimal durability and visual appeal. Our knowledgeable staff will present curated product options and recommendations according to your specifications.

If you are considering composite decking, then spend some time on the websites of the top rated manufacturers such as Trex, Timbertech, and Fiberon. There companies offer a wealth of good resources to help you prepare for the estimate meeting.

A magnificent wooden deck, expertly designed and built by Deck Creations.

Types of Deck Boards

During the design process, we will talk through several material and product options. Before we meet to discuss your outdoor vision, a critical step is choosing a deck board. Once we meet in person, we can discuss the options in greater detail, but to help begin planning, here are the main options:


Wood Decking

Premium wood lumber is the most popular material choice when building or renovating a deck. By Kiln-drying and treating the wood, a well-built deck, which is our specialty, can last for a decade.

At Deck Creations, we only use premium grade pressure treated lumber because it offers superior structural performance and visual consistency. A natural wood appearance is beautiful and a cost conscience way of building a deck you’ll love for years to come.


Composite Decking

The greatest advantage of a composite decking is the durability of the product and how little maintenance it requires to look great year after year. A composite boards is a synthetic material designed to resemble the natural grain and characteristics of wood; the product is also resistant to fading, scratching, and warping.

Certain composite boards come with a 50-year warranty that is backed by the manufacturer. The manufacturers typically state the warranty periods on their website and in their literature.

If there is a composite option you love, I’m confident we can get it for you; however, our customers typically choose between Trex or TimberTech. Both companies offer a great selection of colors, decking products, features and design options, and you can also go to their website and request free samples of your favorite decking options.

When considering composite decking, keep in mind the major manufacturers offer different variations. Differences between options include boards that are scalloped on the bottom, not truly 1″ thick, or may be capped on three sides, not four. These variations affect how a board may be used and the overall cost of the project.


Hardwood Decking

If the appearance of your deck is top priority, then a hardwood deck offers the beauty you desire. Whether you prefer the brown hue of Ipe or the reddish tint of Camaru, your new deck would make a bold statement.

Hardwood decking is minimal maintenance, chemical-free, naturally resistant to decay and offers a lifespan of up to 50-75 years (depending on the species chosen).


Thermally Modified Wood Decking

A newcomer to the market is thermally modified wood. The wood is thermally treated using steam to removing the food source from the wood that bacteria and pests find nutritious. Simultaneously, the steam alters the cell structure of the wood leaving the board more stable, allows it to retain its Janka rating, and makes it more weather resistant. This may result in a life span of 20 or 30 years, similar to many composite decking options.

Thermally modified wood is available in pine, ash, maple, and oak just to name a few species.



Some Pros and Cons

According to Arbor Wood Co., the primary benefits of thermally modified wood are:

  • Rot and Insect Resistant – increased resistance to decay, insects, and fungi, which extends its lifespan without the need for chemical treatments.

  • Environmentally Friendly – the treatment process is a natural process without the use of harmful chemicals

  • Weather Resistant – the wood absorbs much less water, resulting in less material breakdown, contraction and expansion. Thermally treated decking may be a good option if you live in hotter climates.

  • Aesthetic Appeal – the modified wood presents as a beautiful, rich color that develops during the treatment process, offering a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

  • Graying – as with all wood, the color will gray over time. Some people love the natural again, while others do not. Be sure to look at various time delayed images as you make your decking decision.

With its improved durability, stability, and eco-friendly characteristics, thermally modified wood stands out as an excellent choice for various outdoor applications, including decking, siding, and outdoor furniture.

Composite vs. PVC:

What’s the difference?

A variation of composite decking is PVC decking. Engineered for enduring beauty and durability, these boards offer a stunning wood-like appearance without the upkeep. And according to Timbertech, PVC deck boards can be “…30 degrees cooler to the touch with 40% better traction, wet or dry, than competitive products”.

Composite decking is a modern, sustainable decking material composed of a blend of recycled wood fibers, plastic, and binding agents. This innovative composite creates a durable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood decking. It is prized for its resistance to rot, insects, and fading, offering homeowners a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing outdoor surface.


PVC decking is a synthetic decking material made from polyvinyl chloride, a robust and weather-resistant plastic. Renowned for its exceptional durability and low-maintenance qualities, PVC decking provides a sleek, non-porous surface that resists stains and scratches. This material is an ideal choice for those seeking a resilient, long-lasting deck with minimal upkeep, showcasing both style and practicality in outdoor living spaces, such as around a pool.

Timbertech, for example, offers several different collections help you differentiate between the two. Timbertech’s Advanced PVC can be found in the Vintage or Landmark Collections; whereas, the composited decking can be found in the Legacy and Terrain Collections.

Deck Design Ideas

Designing a deck is an exciting endeavor that can significantly enhance your outdoor living space. To ensure that your deck meets both your aesthetic preferences and functional needs, consider the following key factors as your prepare to sketch your design with our team:


Purpose and Functionality:

  • Entertaining: If you plan to host gatherings, ensure your deck has sufficient space for seating and possibly a designated area for a grill or outdoor kitchen.

  • Relaxation: If your goal is a tranquil retreat, consider incorporating cozy seating, planters, and features like a pergola or shade structure.

  • Multi-functionality: Think about how you want to use your deck. Whether it’s for dining, sunbathing, gardening, or an outdoor play area for children.


Location and Orientation:

  • Sun and Shade: Determine the sun and shade patterns throughout the day to optimize comfort. Consider incorporating features like pergolas, umbrellas, or strategically placed trees for shade.

  • Views: Take advantage of scenic views and position your deck to maximize visual appeal.



  • Decking Material: Choose between traditional lumber, composite materials, or other alternatives. Consider factors like maintenance, durability, texture, and aesthetic preferences.

  • Railing and Balusters: Explore various railing styles and materials that enhance safety without compromising on style. Common options are vinyl, composite, and aluminum.


Size and Layout:

  • Space Considerations: Assess the available space in your backyard and design a deck that complements the overall landscape without overwhelming it. Also take into account the size needed to accommodate the items you wish to place on the deck. For example, dining and seating area will require a larger deck surface.

  • Traffic Flow: Plan for easy movement between different areas of the deck, ensuring a smooth traffic flow for both small and large gatherings. Also, consider if you where you want the deck accessible from the house.


Design and Aesthetics:

  • Architectural Harmony: Ensure that your deck design complements the architectural style of your home for a cohesive look.

  • Color Palette: Choose colors that harmonize with your home’s exterior and natural surroundings.


Privacy and Storage:

  • Privacy: Consider incorporating elements like trellises, screens, or landscaping to create a sense of privacy.

  • Storage: Add lattice or planking to create a storage area beneath the deck.



  • Railing Height and Design: Comply with local building codes and ensure your deck’s railing is not only aesthetically pleasing but also meets safety standards.

  • Stair Design: If your deck includes stairs, ensure they are well-designed, with proper tread and riser dimensions for safety.



  • Material Costs: Be mindful of material costs, including decking material, railings, and any additional features you plan to include. Design decisions can make a big difference in total project cost. For example, adding an additional access point (stairs and landing) can be surprisingly costly. Also, installing deck boards diagonally requires substantially more material and labor expense.

  • Construction Costs: Consider labor costs, permits, and any additional expenses associated with the construction process. Be sure to leave some financial reserves for issues that may arise during construction.

Our Premier Service and Credibility

Deck Creations has over 10 years of partnering with homeowners to build traditional and modern decks that align to stylistic preferences and functional needs. We give attention to detail, take pride in our craftsmanship and build with the highest industry standards and best practices in mind. Our focus on service is best shown in how we build our front, side and backyard decks.

We understand that a high-quality deck is an excellent investment in your home. We stand behind our work. All deck projects come with a five-year warranty on the structure and 1-year workmanship warranty.

If you are looking to update your outdoor space, a new deck is an excellent choice. You’ll love working with our design team as we choose the appropriate products for your budget and style. We also offer services in screened porchespatiossunrooms and much more.


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