Pergolas and Arbors

Custom Pergola, Arbor and Gazebo Designs

If you are looking to define your lawn with some architectural distinction, then adding a structure like a pergola is a great option. Often the terms pergola, trellis, arbor, and gazebo are used interchangeably, so the first decision will be to choose which structure will bring the most distinctive beauty to your space.

If you are looking for maximum impact with minimum expense, look no further than Deck Creations’ architectural options for adding unique beauty to your entertaining space. All our structures will help to define your backyard space, but which option is ideal for your lawn area?


A pergola is typically a large, wooden structure with open beams and four support columns. The open design of the roof allows an abundance of sunlight to come through. Some owners choose to run vines through the cross-beams to create a more shaded space and added privacy. Pergola design is highly flexible, but the purpose is often for entertaining guests, who – depending on the size of the pergola – can range from two to fifteen people. The pergola is typically free-standing, but could also be connected to a home. The pergola may be made of wood, vinyl, or metal. There are many options to personalize a pergola. The benefits of a pergola make adding one to your home a very attractive option.


An arbor is similar in structure to a pergola, but different in size and function. An arbor is smaller, and not intended to serve as a cover for an entertaining area, as a pergola typically does. Arbors can, however, provide covering for a garden bench or seat. An arbor is usually placed as an entrance to a garden or lawn area. Arbors are often decoratively covered with vines or flowers. The roof of an arbor is often slatted and arched. A great benefit of an arbor is that one may be added into your existing landscape with minimal disturbance. An arbor may be built over existing walkways or fence gates. An arbor is an elegant way of welcoming friends and family into your backyard.


An easy way to spot a gazebo is that they are round-ish in shape. A gazebo is a lovely structure, often in the shape of an octagon with a domed roof. The walls are symmetrical and supported by columns. Gazebos are meant for more intimate gatherings rather than large parties. Gazebos are commonly placed in parks, gardens, or near spots with serene water views. They offer privacy and shelter from the rain (think Sound of Music!). When it comes to making a statement in your lawn area, a gazebo is an excellent choice.

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All our architectural structures are built according to industry best practices and, where applicable, all county and city ordinances. We stand behind our work. All structures come with a 5-year warranty on the structure and a 1-year workmanship warranty.

If you are looking to create the perfect lawn space, our architectural structures are an excellent choice. You’ll love working with our design team as we choose the ideal products for your budget and style. If you live in the Richmond, Charlottesville, Hampton Roads or Williamsburg area, we are ready to help you turn your outdoor dreams into a reality. We also offer services in deck building, vinyl siding, porch construction and more! See all our outdoor design and construction services, then contact us for a free estimate today.

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