Patios and Hardscapes

An easy way to transform your backyard is with a beautiful patio and accenting hardscapes. For people who love the outdoors, or simply want to add a visually stunning feature to their backyard, patios and hardscapes allow for the incorporation of outdoor furniture, fireplaces and grills to enjoy warm days with family and friends.


A patio designed by the professional contractors at Deck Creations is an excellent way to transition from the inside of your home to your backyard, however, many people don’t know where to start after deciding to build their dream outdoor space.

What materials should I use for my new patio? How do I incorporate patio landscaping? These are just a couple of questions that our patio contractors in Richmond, Charlottesville and Williamsburg and excited to discuss with you during your free estimate.

Depending on your vision for your backyard, we can incorporate a range of different styles and materials to customize your patio design. Some common patio materials include:

  • Brick
  • Travertine Pavers
  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • See more below!

These materials can be incorporated into whatever design you’re looking to add to your backyard space. Whether you want a pool patio or traditional stone patio for entertaining guests, give us a call to learn what custom designs and materials we can incorporate to your space!


The hardscape designers at Deck Creations can give your backyard the stylish, finishing touch it needs to make your space ideal for hosting and bring out your personal style. Not only does a hardscape installation bring character and luxury to your outdoor space, it can also add functionality.

While, most of us are very familiar with the term “landscape,” the term “hardscape” may be less familiar.  So, what is a hardscape?  A hardscape refers to any solid and unchanging element within your overall landscape plan. A hardscape design can be seen around your home from a rustic, brick walkway to an elegant, outdoor fireplace. Here are some of the different, hardscape features you can add to your backyard:

  • Retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Fireplaces
  • Outdoor living additions
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Walkways
  • Pool surrounds

In addition to providing interest, serving as focal points and potentially providing privacy, hardscape designs can reduce the overall area of exposed grass on your property, saving you hours of mowing, weeding and fertilizing.

After our hardscape contractors finish installing your new outdoor feature, you can add patio landscaping to accent your re-designed space. A bright pop of color from various flower beds, a functional vegetable garden or a soothing pond are all fantastic, potential additions to your new space. Whether you live inland near Charlottesville or by the beach near Hampton Roads, our hardscape designers can help advise you how to accent your yard or recommend a professional landscaper to help bring your vision to life.


Materials used for Patios and Hardscapes


Brick is a timeless building material that adds both durability and lasting beauty to your hardscape.  Pathways, retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces and  are all excellent possibilities for brick construction.  Brick can be laid in a traditional row-on-row pattern, known as “stretcher bond,” but it can also be laid in more complex and interesting patterns, such as a “herringbone” or “basketweave.”  Further, two or more colors of brick can be combined to create a pattern of even greater interest.  A popular trend right now is reused brick.  Both environmentally friendly and full of visual character, reused material should be considered by homeowners desiring brick in their hardscape.


While sharing some similarities with brick, pavers are more often made from concrete or flagstone and come in a myriad of shapes and colors.  While they are relatively simple to arrange, pavers are generally installed over bedding sand and pea gravel, which can be an involved process.  Pavers are most often used for walkways, patios and landscape edging.  As with brick, various pattern options provide visual interest and a custom look to paver projects.


Concrete is almost always a part of a home’s hardscape by way of a driveway or sidewalks.  While concrete has traditionally been basic gray slab, the past decade has seen the emergence of stamped and stained concretes that allow for many design options.  A basic stamped pattern that replicates stone is a starting point, but concrete contractors can personalize a space with custom inlays and stamped designs.  The smallest of concrete projects could probably be managed by the DIY homeowner, but most concrete work is best left to professionals.  The very essence of hardscape, concrete is very difficult and costly to remove, so careful consideration should be given to any concrete construction.

Loose Materials

Loose materials refer to the many different types of gravel and river rock used in hardscape design.  They are most often used as fillers between larger pavers in walkways and patios.  Loose materials can serve a great purpose, but care must take that they stay contained.  A rogue piece of gravel thrown by a lawnmower can create a dangerous projectile.  Loose materials come in a variety of colors and textures; homeowners should be able find an option that meets their needs and wants.


Wood is among the most commonly used materials for outdoor construction, and the reasons are clear: it is natural, easy to work with and relatively inexpensive, though exotic or imported hardwoods can become more pricey.  Wood can be used to build decks, arbors, pergolas, fences, and in hardscapes, garden boxes or ornamental bridges.  Natural wood does require a bit of maintenance or repair over time, but a bit of attention every year should keep natural, pressure treated wood looking great for years to come.


How Deck Creations Can Help

While many homeowners carefully consider their backyard landscaping, patios and accenting hardscape features should not be overlooked.  A wide variety of materials and projects can serve practical and aesthetic purposes in an outdoor space.  Once imagined and installed, your new hardscape element may just become a favorite part of your home.

Deck Creations is one of Virginia’s premier patio building companies in the greater Richmond, Williamsburg and Charlottesville areas. Our family-owned, design and construction company has proudly served our clients in outdoor construction and design for over 17 years. Our contractors have vast experience in patio and hardscape design, decks, vinyl siding and more; and they work closely with our clients to deliver a dream-worthy backyards. Today, we are honored to be a premiere patio design and construction company across all of Central Virginia, including Hampton Roads.

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