General Repair and Restoration Services

Do you have a deck that’s in desperate need of repair? We hope you use and enjoy your custom Deck Creations deck, so it’s only normal for it to see some normal wear and tear. If you’ve noticed any splintering or damage from continual use, then you’re in the right place! At Deck Creations, we not only build the deck of your dreams, but we can help you maintain its look and functionality.

Some other common issues our customers have noticed include:

  • Loose or pliable boards
  • Weakened support posts
  • Cracked or rotten wood
  • Wobbly handrails

Our professional craftsman are experts in the field of deck repair and can help with these problems and more.

In some cases, a deck may be damaged beyond repair. If you believe this may be the case for your deck, give us a call to schedule a consultation. One of our specialists will come to your home to inspect your deck and give you an estimate for repairs or potential re-construction. In the meantime, visit our work or decks page for more information about our services!

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