Deck Creations Now Uses BuilderTrend

Technology has changed the way we live almost every facet of our lives.  Managing a home or outdoor space renovation is no exception. At Deck Creations, we employ the use of the BuilderTrend platform to design, plan, and execute your home improvement project.  

Gone are the days of piles of paper, confusing change order forms, and messages between you and contractor lost in the fray of an office.  BuilderTrend is the industry’s leading software program used to simplify and streamline all communication between you and your building professional, and Deck Creations loves using its many abilities.  

Your project’s plans and progress can be accessed through the BuilderTrend website or the BuilderTrend app on your Apple or Android device.

How can Deck Creations and BuilderTrend help you?  We’re glad you asked!

Design Details

Once you have signed a contract with Deck Creations to complete your renovation, you will be given login credentials to access your project on BuilderTrend.  Here you will be able to see the detailed design provided by your Deck Creations design professional and approved by you. This allows you to easily look back over your design plan as your project progresses.  Can’t remember exactly where that lighting feature is going to go? No problem: the plans are at your fingertips with BuilderTrend.

A Paperless Paper Trail

Any major renovation or addition requires city or county permits and perhaps, if you live in a neighborhood, approval forms from your homeowner’s association.  The retrieval and delivery of all of these documents is tracked on BuilderTrend. The date of filing and person who did the filing is all listed clearly. You can even see a pdf version of the forms for verification.  No more worrying about whether the paperwork was filed correctly!

Change Order Clarity

While your initial design should reflect your hopes for your renovation, it isn’t uncommon for clients to change their minds about a few details along the way.  To request these changes, a specific request must be submitted for review and new budget planning. Then, these specifics must be approved by you with your signature.  

This process was once time consuming and tedious with lots of back and forth between our clients and us.  BuilderTrend has put all of these steps in one place for ease and simplicity. You can even sign the change order right from your hand held device!  This simplification can avoid days of delay on your project’s schedule, not to mention expensive and frustrating miscommunications.

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Another exciting capability of BuilderTrend is its integration of photos and videos.  You can take photos of your project’s progress with your smartphone or tablet and upload pictures and videos from your photo stream directly to your project’s BuilderTrend page.  Specific areas of concern are easily identified through a picture. Further, your design and construction pros from Deck Creations can upload photos, as well. Documentation and communication is much clearer with the use of images.  Want to show off your brand new space to family and friends? BuilderTrend allows you to share photos directly to Facebook and other social media sites.

Ease of Payment

Keeping track of a budget and payments made during a one-time renovation or build can be confusing, but BuilderTrend displays your payments and remaining balance owed right on your project page.  It also allows you to make payments quickly and easily directly from the website or app.

As a company, we are committed to doing everything possible to ensure total customer satisfaction.  Nothing can replicate the reassurance of personal service, and Deck Creations is known throughout Virginia for our professional and caring team.  That relationship focus is here to stay. BuilderTrend’s capabilities dramatically increase the our efficiency of planning and communication, and that leaves more time for connecting with clients.  

Are you ready for a fresh new space?  Contact us today, we’d love the opportunity to show you all we have to offer.  

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